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UGBA 151 Course Project Recruitment and Selection Interview Questions JOB TITLE:_______________________________ CIRCLE ONE: Part Time, Full Time, Contract, Temp, Internship JOB OVERVIEW What is the pay rate for the job and how is it determined? What is the job description? What tasks does an employee in this position perform? How was this determined? What is the turnover rate for this position? What are the costs of training a new employee on this particular job? How long does it take to train them? What are the job specifications? How are these determined? What are the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) required for the job? RECRUITMENT How do you recruit potential employees for this job? Does this job allow for internal promotion or do you search externally for candidates? How are employee referrals and self-initiated contacts handled? I see on your website it mentions diversity and inclusion. How do you promote diversity and inclusion during the recruitment process? Does PWC have affirmative action when recruiting and selecting new employees?
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