Gardenburger -- Group Prep - Gardenburger Prep 11/19/2007...

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Gardenburger Prep – 11/19/2007 If you have a big company, then you can afford to take money from divisions to spend on others Gardenburger – new brand, no money Hints in the case: o Do it regionally Find good and bad segments Advertising causes a pop Was the rise in sales due to Seinfeld? FIND RETURN ON ADVERTISING! Product has large margin o Goal is to sell the company o You don’t have to be profitable to sell the company o Sell it on the POTENTIAL growth of the company Does ad spending help competition too much? o Is it wasteful? o Does it provoke competition into ad spending? Create excitement in the category Make a model o Can we sell enough burgers to make enough cash to sell the company. o Can we sell enough burgers to make cash, to do ad spending, which will help us sell more, etc. o 3-7 quarter long model (sales over time) Case: “couponing like crazy” o Stop mass media? Determine the type. “proposition is too complex to do TV” – case Why buy gardenburger? o Healthy o Convenient o Animal friendly o Alternative/substitute o Good for environment o Variety seeking o Eat less meat May not be for vegetarians, more for people who are looking for substitutes Cultural creative – forward-thinking individuals, not conventional, Who are we NOT going after? o Vegans eat it incidentally Morals? Choose a claim and then a positioning . Buy this product and get this result Ad execution? o Variety seeking / eat less meat o Slice of life / celebrity endorsement Exclude men?
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Position as a meat alternative or its own entity? PRODUCT o Too many offerings? o Gardenburger’s name is fine. GB has brand awareness Mass Media Advertising – it gets people to the freezer case, but they may not buy your product Price promotion graphs (price reduction, coupon, etc) You can pay for prime positioning on the supermarket shelves… ($1/linear foot/supermarket You can have local ads in national magazines o Ex. – by region Clip coupon 40M vs 400M – case
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Gardenburger -- Group Prep - Gardenburger Prep 11/19/2007...

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