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Snapple Brief Guidance - SNAPPLE BRIEF The Snapple case is...

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SNAPPLE BRIEF The Snapple case is fairly "clean" with no need for a sticker to correct case errors. However, as I mentioned in class, the market research in this case (Exhibit 6) is a classic example of "overly complicated research"--I have no idea what to do with it. You should read it for interest (horror) but don't worry about understanding it for the purposes of your brief. Don't get stuck trying to derive something from case Ex 2 & 3 as Ex 2 is category sales through all channels and 3 is Supermarket only. Study Questions - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note that the time of the case is right after Triarc bought the brand. In your brief, going over and over what Quaker did wrong won't add much value, but as you approach the case, have these questions in mind: 1. When and were to people buy and consumer Snapple? 2. What are the benefits sought? 3. How did Quaker's marketing strategy lead to a decline in sales? Guidance
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