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Quest 1: Most students got this one right and pointed out the marketing problem facing the company to be branding issues, product cannibalization and channel problems Quest 2: You had to propose a branding strategy for the company along with what a strategy to deal with used Steinway pianos. Another critical issue was what to do with the vertical piano market and whether the Steinway and Boston brands needed to specialize in certain areas. I did not assume a right or wrong answer but I looked for answers that were most internally consistent and based on the data in the case. Also, it was important to explain how the strategy would affect production and distribution.
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Unformatted text preview: Ques3: Assumptions needed to cover broad macro-economic, competitive, distribution and production issues. Also, if you were proposing a certain strategy you had to point out the assumptions inherent in that strategy. Ques4: a well thought out one year time-line that addressed promotion, distribution and was consistent with your recommendations scored well. Not: I penalized students who based their strategy around Asia. You were told not look into that. Also, please stick to the format provided. I will deduct points next time for small fonts or space saving formats. Also remember to turn on the spell and grammar check in MS Word....
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