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L&S C30T Lec6 - — likes water Hydrophobic —...

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L&S 30 Lecture 6 Definitions Agonist Antagonist Ex. Caffeine, adenosine Blood-brain barrier everything the brain absorbs from body comes from the blood Small holes that molecules travel through in body In brain blood vessel cells are tightly packed, no holes 2 ways for molecules to enter Transport specialized proteins transport molecules across blood-brain barrier Diffusion through cell membranes forming the blood vessel walls (lipid bilayer made up of phospholipids create the cell membrane) Chemistry transformations of matter Alchemy Alchemist included mind Old Arabic “Al Kamia” Water H 2 O Most abundant element on Earth Carbone shares 4 electrons Simplest molecule Then is methane Polarity separation of charge Hydrophilic
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Unformatted text preview: — likes water Hydrophobic — dislikes water To dissolve through cell membrane, need to be sufficiently hydrophobic Must have hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts Cyclohexane Comes from oil Organic chemists study carbon molecules Kekule, organic chemist Circular structure and double bonds Bonds actually the same Benzene — potent poise CHEMICALS Chemicals act the same way when similar structure Amphetamine looks like neurotransmitter dopamine Recognize general properties and similarities Which molecules are more similar Seratonin also called 5HT 5-hydroxytryptamine Bodies need to eat tryptophan makes serotonin from tryptophan intermediary is 5HTP serotonin cannot cross blood-brain barrier amino acids are transported across protein grabs tryptophan and carries from one side to another...
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L&S C30T Lec6 - — likes water Hydrophobic —...

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