L&S C30T Lec11 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain...

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L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture 11: Tobacco Monitoring the future Prevalence data on drug use Surveys 8-12 th graders, college students, other high school graduates Annually since 1975 Currently 50,000 people per year Funded by NIDA www.monitoringthefuture.org Graph of use prevalence: % who smoked tobacco cigarettes in the past 30 days Now it is 23% National prevalence over age of 12 cigarettes is 20%, all of tobacco is 30% Suggests since prevalence in 12 th grade is similar to national prevalence, maybe smokers start in 12 th grade 8 th grade 10% smoke in last month Smokeless Tobacco Much less than cigarettes Last 10 years, decrease in use of smokeless tobacco Because increased awareness of health Restricted sale Risk —% seeing “great risk” in smoking more than a pack a day Increase for 8 th -12 th graders Graph of cigarette availability: % saying “fairly easy” or “very easy” t o get Decline for 12 th and 10 th graders Graph of days smoked in the past month
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L&S C30T Lec11 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain...

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