L&S C30T Lec15 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture...

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L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture 15: Salvia divinorum Absinthe High alcohol level, lots of essential oils of plant, basis of perfume industry Perfume developed 25 years ago Extracted in alcohol extract Lemon balm, fennel, mint, wormwood ( Artemisia absinthium ) Alcohol diluted with water, and sugar Special absinthe spoon with slots to put lumps of sugar, pour water on top Pernod company manufacture and sell absinthe When absinthe illegal in France, made version without wormwood (thujone) Anise liquor 15% alcohol, Pernod Anise Color turn opaque because water decrease concentration of alcohol, make it more hydrophobic Opaqueness is tiny drops of oil suspended in oil Relaxation of restriction of absinthe in Europe Cheaper absinthe have less of opacity when put water in Add water, less potent, less concentrated Standard drink is 1 oz. of 100 proof alcohol Salvia divinorum Salvia divinorum = “sage of divination” Salvia = “sage” Salvia is the true sage Divinorum = “divination” – revealing things that are hidden Botanical facts Mint family = Labiatae Genus Salvia = “true” sages About 1000 species Many sages have medicinal uses Treat wounds, treat upset stomachs, etc. Image: Salvia officinalis Culinary/ cooking sage Also used medicinally for antimicrobial actions Contains thujone, like wormwood Weird inconsistently in legal guidelines Wormwood family different, not mint, not sage Yet has same weird molecule thujone Convergent evolution
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Other “not true” sages (do n ot need to know scientific name)
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L&S C30T Lec15 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture...

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