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L&S C30T Lec24 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture 24:...

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L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture 24: LSD P66 Psychedelic notes Psychedelics Psychedelic = “mind revealing” Psych = spirit/soul/mind Deloun = to show/make manifest/reveal Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) and Humphry Osmond (1917-2004), correspondence in 1956 Osmond treat patients with psychedelics Osmond give Huxley psychedelic coming from peyote cactus Huxley wrote book Doors of Perception Huxley: “to make this trivial world sublime, take half -a- gram of phanerothyme” Osmond: “to fathom hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic” Also called hallucinogens = producing hallucinations Halluncinari = to wander in the mind Sometimes called psychotomimetics = mimicking psychosis Entheogen = generating god within Plants of the Gods by Richard Evans Schultes (pioneering Harvard ethnobotanist) and Albert Hofmann (1 st discovered LSD & characterized its effects) Plant psychedelics Long and rich history of: spiritual, religious, shamanic, healing, therapeutic, ritual use by indigenous cultures Effects of psychedelics on the mind Heightened awareness of external sensory input visual, auditory, tactile of internal thoughts and feelings increased emotional tone to stimuli dreamlike imagery and feelings (similar to opiates) distortions of sensory perception hallucinations seeing and hearing things not actually there synesthesia mixing of sensory information (ex. Seeing colors associated with sounds heard)
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L&S C30T Lec24 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture 24:...

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