L&S C30T Lec25 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain...

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L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain Lecture 25: LSD & Psychedelics LSD Historical Timeline Early 1960s Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters, the San Francisco Bay Area Acid Tests 1960s increasing prevalence of “recreational” use Mid 1960s adverse reactions to this powerful substance reported and exaggerated by the media Late 1960s first laws against LSD in some states, including California (October 1966) 1970 Controlled Substance Act makes LSD Schedule One in the US 1971 United Nations Convention in Psychotropic Drugs made LSD illegal internationally LSD high potency, hard to measure out small amounts so blotter paper allows paper to be evenly saturated so individual doses Possible adverse effects of LSD and other psychedelics Known “physical” toxicity is low to nonexistent Therapeutic index is very high Dangerous behavior while intoxicated Always a possibility, much mythology Anxiety, panic, “bad trip” Creation or exacerbation of long-term cognitive / emotional problems Including anxiety, depression, psychosis Psychosis due to a predisposition Schizophrenia long-term psychosis flashbacks”
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L&S C30T Lec25 - L&S C30T Drugs in the Brain...

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