L&S C30T Midterm 1 Review

L&S C30T Midterm 1 Review - L&S C30T Midterm 1 Review...

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L&S C30T: Midterm 1 Review Notes all from lecture Nothing about alcoholism unless spoken in class To what age group has higher prevalence of tobacco use 21-25 3 graphs presented in class on website Lecture 1: Myth and world view Define term myth, origin of word Now, think of made up story Original meaning: same as world view Infrastructural story of society Guides way people think Ex. We have scientific world view Science made up, but different aspect of experiments Experience of reality Science is a procedure Scientific materialism world has solidity, everything explainable Most practices scientists subscribe to Ex. Judeo-Christian myth Part of western society Significant people in history Paracelsus: everything is a poison, diff between poison & medicine depends on dose Pioneer of am psychology Sultiz; godfather of American 20 th cent ethnobotany Specific drug laws Lecture 2 on study guide Schedules Know opiods are schedule 2, don’t need specific names Definitely know schedule 1 Know 1-2 examples from each schedule, especially 1 & 2 Biotransformation Biological process transforms something When drug goes through liver, liver chemically alter in attempt to get it out of body First pass metabolism Digestive system, enters liver 1 st time passes through, goes to liver Metabolism= biotransformation
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Blood-brain barrier Cells make up blood vessels in brain and spinal cord tightly joined together so no spaces between them Any that cross through need to cross layers of cells 2 ways to happen Transport by proteins (ex. Sugar) Dissolve through cell membranes Cell membranes made of phospholipid bilayer Most of the layer hydrophobic, so to cross must dissolve through hydrophobic center, so it itself must be hydrophobic Oxygen Part of molecule with oxygen has hydrophilic element to it Most molecules have hydrophilic part and hydrophobic part (carbons) Some oxygens are more hydrophilic than others (ex. OH for alcohol, most hydrophobic) Law made mandatory minimums into guidelines Not law, but a supreme court decision 2 years ago
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L&S C30T Midterm 1 Review - L&S C30T Midterm 1 Review...

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