ass 1 - Assignment Sheet#1 1 Define Health Define Wellness...

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Assignment Sheet #1 1. Define Health. Define Wellness. A. Health: A health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmary. B. Wellness: A wellness is a process of making informed choices that will lead one, over a period of time, to a healthy lifestyle that should result in a sense of well-being. 2. List and describe the 5 components of wellness. A. Emotional: Being able to enjoy life despite unexpected challenges and problems is essential to maintaining good health. Negative emotions can affect the immune system and result in chronic stress and can lead to a premature death. B. Intellectual: It is essential to continue to explore new interests and to regularly engage in new and ongoing learning opportunities and experiences. The more opportunities will lie on individual who faces and explores the unknown. C. Physical: It is most associated with person’s health. A physically healthy body results from having good night sleep habits and good nutritional practices, and avoiding drinking and driving. D. Spiritual: Spiritual health helps a person achieve a sense of inner peace, satisfaction, and confidence. Good spiritual health can help give life meaning and purpose E. Social: Social health is an individual’s ability to relate to and interact with others. Socially healthy people are able to communicate and interact with the
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ass 1 - Assignment Sheet#1 1 Define Health Define Wellness...

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