STRESS PAPER - 1 Introduction Stress is a big deal I mean...

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Introduction Stress is a big deal- I mean; it is a part of human nature and not one single person can escape it. According to Donatelle, the author of Health , stress is the mental and physical response of our bodies to the changes and challenges in our lives (Donatelle, 56). Some common everyday stressors include: change, hassles, pressures, inconsistent goals and behaviors, conflict, overload, burnout, and discrimination. Even though everyone must face stress several times within their lifetime, college is when stress is at its worst! For various college students, it is extremely overwhelming to balance school load, work, and studying with being socially active and meeting new friends. For college freshman, it may be even more difficult due to the mass amount of alterations brought forth by moving away from home and beginning a brand new chapter in their lives. That may be due to the fact that college is a place filled with brand new and unfamiliar ideas. More recently, studies show that more than 75% of counseling services in university settings have provided a major increase in the number of those seeking help for mental illnesses such as: depression, panic attacks, severe stress, and anxiety. At some time or another, each and every college student will experience a time of high stress and anxiety and may deal with it in a long range of ways. For example, some tend to deal with stress in a calm manner while others tend to completely fall apart and turn to harmful ways that only worsen their current situations. These things may include eating disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia), depression, binge drinking and smoking. Within this review paper, I will discuss, in more detail, the facts about stress in four corresponding sections: First, I will talk about the issues facing academic stress for college students. Next, I will go more specifically into the correlation between stress, 1
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race, and substance abuse within university settings. Thirdly, I will discuss additional affects stress has on the individual’s immune system. And finally, information on coping and managing stress. My objective will be to achieve a very accurate understanding of how each stressor affects the individual and the best methods for dealing with them. I will also make clear that individuals who deal with stress and anxiety are also linked to
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STRESS PAPER - 1 Introduction Stress is a big deal I mean...

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