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persuasive speech - Topic: Physical Abuse Specific Purpose:...

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Topic: Physical Abuse Specific Purpose: To Persuade the audience why physical punishment as a form of discipline for children is wrong. INTRODUCTION Attention : I. We have all been kids once before, and we know that part of being a kid is being a trouble-maker. For example, picking all the flowers out of your mom’s garden, staying out after dark when we knew we weren’t supposed to, or ratting on your older brother or sister about what you saw when you walked in on them and their significant other. No matter what we did though, our parents always seemed to forgive us after a small dose of good ol’ discipline. But how did our parents punish us? Did we learn from it? BODY Need : II. Many people physically punish their children, which can result in lasting effects in the child’s future. A. Beating a child can cause physical pain. 1. Parents do not realize at times how hard they are hitting their child. a.) They have so much anger built in them to where they accidentally hit harder than intended. b.) What feels like a light slap to you could really hurt a child. c.) A light spank might seem okay but some parents get out of hand and start hitting harder and harder. 2. Some parents get carried away and do more than just spanking. a.) According to, about 2/3rds of the parents who physically abuse their kids, push their kids with strong force b.) 1/8 th of those who hit kids have admitted that they’ve burned their child at least once with a cigarette. B. Parents do not realize that hitting a child can also cause mental pain.
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persuasive speech - Topic: Physical Abuse Specific Purpose:...

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