NES 18 Notes for Final - Lahune, pyramid Kalhune = workmen...

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Lahune, pyramid Kalhune = workmen place (workman’s village) Tod’s treasure, found within the temple, near tolema’s strata, shape of vessels are Egyptians, but spirals, although different styles (not Egyptian), showing the connections with the Mediterranean Dates to Early Kingdom Stern expression, individualized, wearing amulet, strong attacks against nubia Semna and (??) in lower near Nubia, great architecture, now currently underwater (made of mudbrick, so now gone), semi-fortresses, houses military men/personnel and family, keep track of people coming in and out, keep foreigners out, mainly Nubians Senusrert III set up steela, calls on his successors to keep the borders on (most tried to keep borders), Faiyum, a lot of activities during the Middle Kingdom, many pyramids near this area, D12 kings were famous for irrigation canals and projects in the Faiyum area Pottery belonging to the Hyksos, toggle pins, to hold clothes, found in Avaris. Who were the Hyksos: controlled Egypt up to middle Egypt, (upper Egypt run by Thebes) Alabaster lining on steps, used for worshipping the divitiy (unknown which one), belongs to Kerma culture, concurrent with the Old kingdom to 2 nd Intermediate Period (why? New Kingdom kings were very aggressive and thus did not want Nubian influence) Tumulus: area of mass burial, round burials typical of Nubians, found in the cemetery area of Kerma Execretion texts: faces on stones, writing in hieratic, meant to be magical, function was to repel
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NES 18 Notes for Final - Lahune, pyramid Kalhune = workmen...

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