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Unformatted text preview: BISC 230Lg: Wednesday 4PM TA: Young-Eun Yoo Adaptation Experiment: Visual Motor Learning Introduction : The purpose of this experiment is to see how we adapt our motor ability to our sensory input. From the information I have learned through Professor McClure’s lectures, I believe the subject will gradually target the beanbags closer to the bulls-eye as he or she make the appropriate corrections to the changing visual input. However, if the subject changes the hand he or she was using, then since that new hand has not been trained, the subject will not have difficulty adjusting its motor movements to the change in sensory input. Methods : One person from each group will stand 10 feet from the bulls-eye and throw beanbags before, during, and after wearing prism glasses, which significantly change you visual field. This person will throw the beanbag 10 times underhand with no visual interference (control). Then, he/she will throw 25 times with prism glasses on, and 25 more times without the prism glasses. The beanbag throwers in group B (two out of the four groups) will switch to his/her non-dominant hand in the final stage (after glasses...
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