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Chemistry 101 Visitation Day Five Step Lesson Plan November 28, 2007 Water Density Comparisons The 5 – Step Learning Cycle     Engage  Explore Explain Elaborate  Evaluate Title: Comparing the Density  of objects to the density of  water How can you predict whether an object will sink or float in water? Have students construct a simple balance scale (1 / group) using a pencil, scotch tape and a ruler. Help as needed. Have students use tea light candle holders to compare the densities of water to three different objects; wax,
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Unformatted text preview: clay, and ice. The students should then be able to predict whether the measured objects will sink or float in a cup of water. Have students fill out the third page of the activity handout based on the demonstration and activity they just performed. Assist with questions one-on-one as needed. Briefly discuss measurement and tell the children how the balance will work with the ruler becoming weighted in favor of the side that contains the heaviest object....
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