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The Past Kevin as a younger man coming into M.I.T was a bright, exuberant, and enthusiastic student with a good future ahead of him. Being one the best students to come out of his high school his family expected him to do spectacular things at m.i.t. At first Kevin was but later realized that his family was controlling him into being something he wasn’t excited to do. Coming into his own throughout his time in college he found himself being a lot of smarter than most of the other students using his knowledge to take advantage of situations, that later on helped him find his two roommates Fisher and Martinez. The guys hit off after meeting each other at a party playing cards blackjack and poker of all games. They soon found themselves in the same classes which were the hardest math classes that the college offered there and they went through it like a breeze. Fisher was really the first one to start dropping off in school
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Unformatted text preview: when to him it didnt really matter because he knew he was beyond what he could be taught and needed something more exciting in his life. When one night out playing pool he met a man named Micky Rosa who talked of Vegas and his card counting days. Fisher Intrigued decided to talk to this man more about it. Micky showed him the ropes and devised an even better plan, while all this was going on Martinez was interested in why his roommate was always gone late hours of the night when finally Fisher introduced him to the system and started working together hitting the casinos around them locally doing fantastically well. They moved on to hit Vegas and had the same success but were not happy with the gains and wanted more. So the team was created just 6 months before Kevin would ever have a clue. As this is where the book takes over...
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