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1 Nonverbal Notes: Final November 6, 2007 I. Importance of Nonverbal Cues in Interpersonal Perceptions A. We rely to an extraordinary extent on NV cues in forming impressions of other people 1. Over 4 times the impact of verbal cues on impressions (Argyle et. Al. 1970) 2) 10 times more important than verbal cues in expressing confidence (Walker, 77) 3) Nonverbal cues do provide accurate info about personal characteristics (Paunones and Jackson, 77) B. Impression Forming and Impression Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin 1) Impression Formation a) Decoders perspective b) Concerned with how we form impressions of communicators based on NV cues 2) Impression Management a) Encodes perspective b) Concerned with what we as communicators can intentionally alter and or control to present ourselves to others in desirable ways. II. Interpersonal Perception 1. Definition: “The complex process by which individuals select, organize, and interpret stimuli, or sensory information, into a meaningful view of the world. 2. Subjective, based on limited information, is subject to error. 3. Attributions: a) Situational (behavior b/c of the situation. Ex: attributing the grade to the teacher) b) Dispositional (behavior b/c of your disposition. Ex: attributing your grade to your own actions) 4) Perceptions Influenced by: a) Stereotypes b) Primacy Effect (First Impressions) c) Selective Perceptions d) Recency Effect (Last Impression) III. Stereotypes A. Stereotypes 1) Impressions are based to a startling degree on stereotypes 2) Stereotypes are particularly powerful when people meet for the first time
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Nov6Nov13 - Nonverbal Notes Final November 6 2007 I...

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