november20 - Literal – sense We say osmethign that could...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/20/2007 Literal – sense. We say osmethign that could be taken figuratively or straightforward way and we ask the person “In what sense are you using that world?” In “literal”, we mean the plainest meaning that would be assigned to language by its every day user. (pragmatic, grammatical) “My deadlines are killing me!” – the sense of that utterance is we are subject to an unusual amounter of stress in their current workload. Literal sense CAN BE the metaphorical. Literal sense of the Bible gives us a baseline of interpretation and in most scholarly commentaries, that’s ALL you get, because they are only meant to establish that foundation because all of the other kinds of meanings we would derive from a biblicial story depend upon that starting point or foundation. Tropological Allegorical With these two, we look for meanings that go beyond the literal meaning. Tropological = moral. “Language is surmonic.” – all lanugage has this moral dimension; it is never neutral; it is always guiding our moral sensibilities. This is the tropological dimension of meaning. Often times, one could read sections of the Bible from a completely secular standpoint and many people do that. The secular writer isn’t typically interested in the theological messages of scripture, but instead interested in the knowledge – the stories offer some kind of insight into the human condition in a moral sense. In the Bible, stories abuot human conflict always reflect the theological version of the basis of that conflict. Human beings are alienated from God because of their sin, but also alienated from nature. When you see human conflict in the Bible, it also has theological meaning. Tropological isn’t just a moral intepretation of the Bible, but also a theological one. Joseph (coat of many colors) envisions a dream where HE is the head of the household, even though he is the youngest of his brothers. We are reminded this division at the horizontal level of human beings is tied with the division at the vertical level. Brothers animosity is boiling over to the point where they want to murder Joseph. The reader remains mindful that this isn’t just a human problem (horizontal level) but also a spiritual problem (vertical level). Novelist reads it at a horizontal level and notices that there are hints of pridefulness here. Joseph is relating the content of this prophetic dream to his family, but he...
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november20 - Literal – sense We say osmethign that could...

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