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The Need to Belong - The Need to Belong"Without friends no...

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The Need to Belong “Without friends, no one would choose to live, although he had all other goods.” –Aristotle (Humans are a social animal, with a need to belong) Aiding Survival o Social bonds increase reproductive fitness; need to belong makes adults come together and reproduce, and to stay around to nurture offspring to maturity o Cooperation in groups increases fitness; groups = greater protection and hunting success Wanting to Belong o Most people claim satisfying relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners is necessary for happiness (Bersheid) o Need to belong > Need for wealth (Diener & Seligman) Acting to Increase Social Acceptance o Self-esteem is a gauge of how accepted we feel, and much of social behavior aims to increase belonging conform to group standards, seek favorable impressions, monitor behavior, spend billions on clothes/cosmetics/diets. although need to belong creates family and friends, it also creates gangs, ethnic rivalries, and fanatic nationalism Maintaining Relationships
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