project #1 - Ben Milkovich History 103 1-30-08 Project #1...

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Ben Milkovich History 103 1-30-08 Project #1 Wright In my opinion the passage about the Wright brothers’ first recorded flight was very interesting. At first this descriptive article seemed to go nowhere other than a descriptive article. It wasn’t until I finished reading until I realized what exactly had been emphasized in this. The emphasis the author was bringing out was publicity. The author did not try stating publicity was neither good nor bad. He simply wanted to show how important publicity can be on innovators, like the Wright brothers. The Wright brothers knew that people would be interested in this story. “The first ever flight!” Who wouldn’t want their name on that article. However, the Wright brothers were more interested in telling their story rather than telling a story fabricated by a reporter from five sentences. This is stated at the end of the article “Would it be all right to give the news to a reporter friend? Wilbur and Orville’s answer was an unequivocal no. Orville had already spelled out a plan of action for the release of the news in a letter to his father and sister four weeks before…The Wright brothers were not shunning publicity, they were actually courting it-but on their own terms and in their own good time” (moss 11).
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I fee that they felt this way about publicity not so much to keep the business personal, but also to correctly tell how the flying machine was built and weather patterns, this way making it more scientific, thus allowing for further advancements in flying machines. I feel it is our human nature to advance. Also it is necessary that we advance appropriately and environmentally friendly. Leo Tolstoy heavily criticized the progress of not only modern technology, but also the general progression of mankind as well. He felt that both of these were very harmful issues to humans and that the only real
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project #1 - Ben Milkovich History 103 1-30-08 Project #1...

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