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Quiz #5 260-F07 Name______________________ (Turn in on Monday) We have seen that when a dielectric is inserted into a parallel plate capacitor it is sucked into the gap if the capacitor has first been disconnected from the battery that charged it. The energy U stored in the capacitor, ½(Q 2 /C), goes down; the change in U, and hence the work done on the system by you the external agent, is clearly negative. Moreover, figure 24.14 below makes
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Unformatted text preview: it physically clear that the dielectric will be sucked in---regardless of the battery connection! Show that this is indeed the case (sucked inyou do negative work inserting the dielectric) when the battery remains connected to the capacitor and U of the capacitor, 1/2CV 2 , certainly increases. Analyze the energy stored in the capacitor, the source s of external work done on the capacitor, and determine the work done by you....
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