Career Exploration Assignment #1

Career Exploration Assignment #1 - candidates for...

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Binford Career Exploration Assignment #1 Job: Advertisement Team President for America’s Dairy Farmer The job that I decided to explore is one of great importance. We have all seen those milk advertisements everywhere. They read “Got Milk?’ on them, well to manage all of these advertisements you need a team to gather information about new demographics, locations of ads, and even the united states consumption of milk. The “Got Milk?” campaign started in 1993 and was the first ad to put life back into milk sales after 20 years of nothing. As advertisement team president you must be able to multi task and have skills with management and most of all you must be creative with your ideas. A normal day for the job would be a board meeting early that discusses and goes over any new creative ideas and relationships with possible ad candidates. Then you assign certain members on your team with topics to start researching for the next advertisement. As team president you must now get on the phone with the next possible
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Unformatted text preview: candidates for advertisements. That is why this job also demands Public Administration skills and communication skills. You receive the budgets from the America’s Dairy Farmer and use those numbers to decide how much you can spend on the advertisement. The Pros of this job are obvious but the cons are not. It was in 2004 that the milk-advertising agency was attacked. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine attacked the “Got Milk?” Campaign by claiming that milk promoted weight loss. The agency faces constant attacks every day from PETA and other non-profit organizations. I’m not entirely sure if I would be able to manage this job because it is a lot of work all at once. I think I could handle managing a team and coming up with new and creative ideas but I could not handle the constant attacks from all of these non profit Binford organizations...
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Career Exploration Assignment #1 - candidates for...

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