Career Exploration - consumer friendly Depending on the website will depend on how many sponsors you need and how many hosts are needed The intent

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Career: Website Designer and Manager The job I chose to look at is a Website designer and manager and their job is very important to the Internet industry. The Internet is the fastest growing zone for consumers in this modern age and more and more websites are being created every day. Websites mainly get their money from other companies that pay the website to sponsor their product or their site on their site through banners and pop ups. Designing a website requires a lot of skill and time. On average it can take up to two months to completely develop a website, while this sounds like a long time, compared to developing a business this is quite a small time period. Designing a website is quite difficult because you have to place things in certain places that are attractive to the consumer. In website designing, the placing of objects is key to the success of the website. You have to make it easy to access and make it
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Unformatted text preview: consumer friendly. Depending on the website will depend on how many sponsors you need and how many hosts are needed. The intent industry is a very easy industry to enter into it. All you have to do is buy a domain and start your business online. It is very easy to make deals with UPS and the Unites States Postal Service if you are selling things on your website. The job is very time demanding and patience is needed in the process of creating the website. The cost of a website can sometimes be great but the finished product can make you even more money. The average website manager can make up to 150,000 dollars a year. I don’t think I would like this job because I am not very good with computers and I don’t have much patience when it comes to developing ideas and projects. I like things to be done right away and waiting is very hard for me....
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