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Career Exploration #3 - put on TV and the ads they put in...

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BUS 101 2/14/07 Kyle Binford Career Exploration The job I chose to do is an advertising & marketing research director and there are so many job openings for this position in the US right now. The A&M Research Director has many responsibilities that focus primarily on bringing more business to the company through advertisements and marketing throughout the industry. It’s the directors job to manage a small but sometimes larger team that looks at the demographics of people in the united states and what they want and need. The Director will pull together currents issues in the economy and apply them to their advertisement or their marketing scheme. A normal day consists of constant meetings with your team discussing new possible schemes and advertisements and then it involves working directly with your CEO by bringing them constant ideas and updates from the progress of the team. One of the most common industries that you will find a job like this is especially in the automotive industry because a lot of them rely a lot on the advertisements that they
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Unformatted text preview: put on TV and the ads they put in the paper. They also run huge marketing ploys to try to draw the consumer in by having certain sales and certain advantages when buying their product. It is the director’s job to keep it all together, including their team, and to make sure all of this run’s smoothly and it is appealing to the current market. Personally, I think this would be a very interesting job because not only does this job require leadership but also a lot of creativity and a lot of patience. I think a lot of the attributes of this job make it appealing to me because I love to be organize, love to be a leader, and I really like to put ideas on to paper. As for the hours of this job, most range from a normal workweek like any other CEO or Vice President of a company would have. Overall, I would possibly think about going into this field because it is very appealing to me....
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