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Career Exploration - your shoulders when you are analyzing...

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Career Exploration: Financial Advisor Everyday more and more business are losing money and losing customers due to poor choices in their financial decisions. That is where a good financial advisor comes into play. Their job is basically to analyze and assess the financial statements that so many of these companies possess. Their job is to look at each category in these financial and income statements and determine what is to be learned from these statistics. They then report what they have learned to the board of directors or straight to the CEO. To be a good financial advisor for any large corporation you really need to have at least a bachelor’s degree if not a graduate or masters degree. You need a lot of experience in internships and other job opportunities before you can really diverge your knowledge into major companies. This job can be very hard at times due to the pressure that is put on
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Unformatted text preview: your shoulders when you are analyzing information. Many companies rely heavily on what the financial advisor has to say because the companies haven’t had the time to really take apart and really look into the numbers that have been brought to them. The positives of this job are that if you like numbers and analyzing these numbers then this a great job for you, not to mention the pay is fairly good depending on your level. The Negatives are that there is a lot of pressure on you at times because they rely heavily on what you have to say. I do not think I would like this job because I do not like working with numbers and would not enjoy the pressure. I would like to work with something much more people oriented rather than independent oriented....
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