Endochronology Overview

Endochronology Overview - Thalamus o GNRH— necessary for...

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Unformatted text preview: Thalamus o GNRH— necessary for onset of puberty. Increases release of FSH and LH from anterior pituitary Posterior pituitary o Vasopressin— BP osmolarity/concentration, increases water reabsoprtion by inserting aquaporins o Oxytocin— important in reproduction and milk delivery. Milk ejection from glands. Stimulates contractions during parturition by increase in number of receptors due to estrogen Anterior pituitary o Growth hormone— activates secondary messengers, circulation time ~15minutes. Increases liver glucose production, fatty acid release from adipose tissue and conserves glucose for brain. Increases hyperplasia and hypertrophy of cells. Release is controlled by GNRH and GHIH from hypothalamus, which is diurnally released. Also increased release with exercise, physical stress, and occasional low blood glucose Bone growth— increase length and thickness. O-blasts form new bone (diaphysis), secrete calcium phosphate, and make collagen. O-clasts resorb bone which creates spaces in bone so they weigh less and eat ephiphyses to make room for shaft. In females— DHEA and estrogen cause the beginning of growth spurt In males— testosterone Deficiency= dwarfism in childhood, nothing in adults Excess— increased proportional growth before puberty, after puberty—acromegaly o Thyroid hormone— increases metabolic activity, allowing tissues to function better. Calorigenic (heat production), sympathomimetic function (allows for full sympathetic response by stimulating production of adrenergic receptors), increased heart rate and force of contraction, involved in CNS development. involved in CNS development....
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Endochronology Overview - Thalamus o GNRH— necessary for...

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