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Aquinas - 5 Proofs 1. “first-Actuality” 2. “first cause” All affects come from preceding cause Must stop with some(God) first cause 3. “Temporality 4. “Gradation Ultimate yardstick=God 5. “Design ”- Things strive towards “the best” (Aristotle) Russell- Why I’m not theist 1. First Cause Why can’t the universe itself be uncaused? Or, maybe no first cause. 2. “God made laws of nature.” Not like human laws. Natural laws are more like statistics If God had a reason, then God was constrained.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Design • Now have a theory of evolution • Bad design • Earth is going to “die”- design? 4. Moral A) “No right/wrong w/o God” • Due to God’s fiat(decree) • If yes : then can’t say God is good. • If no : but then right and wrong precede God (not all powerful) B) “No justice w/o God” (heaven/hell) No solution • Likely injustice in after world • No injustice here →God • Binary punishment People believe in God because…. • Childhood • Safety...
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