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Apology - • Only acts on the basis of justice •...

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Apology: Trial of Socrates Empiote (not respecting Gods) Corrupting youth Serious crimes JURY OF 501 CITIZENS GUILTY→DEATH I. Defense- 2 accusers 1. past reputation- investigates everything “weaker argument into stronger” Impiety Never charged a fee Story of the oracle Oracle was right! Make enemies, poverty 2. Meletus A. “corrupting the youth” Who benefits? Intentional? B. impiety Believes in spirits Apollo 3. Defense of philosopher’s life
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Unformatted text preview: • Only acts on the basis of justice • “never give up” • Divine spirit • Where are the corrupted? II. Penalty (Guilty) • Just treatment? • Jail? • Exile? • Fine? → 1 mina? (5 thousands) (30 mina) (50 thousand) III. Farewel • “bound to turn out this way” (destiny) • “for the best” (“the good”) • Divine sign was quiet • Death is a “good thing”...
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