AHRM 2676 - EXAM 2 Review

AHRM 2676 - EXAM 2 Review - Know importance of a lease up...

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Income and Expenses: (Feb. 18 th ) Entire Income Statement How to get from GPR down to Cash flow Given GPR and expenses: Calculate NOI Given Total Income, Vacancy/Collection loss, and expenses: Calculate NOI DO NOT need Vacancy/Collection Loss Can you refuse to accept cash? NO (it is a form of legal tender) Know how a budget works and figure out Cash Flow
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Unformatted text preview: Know importance of a lease up budget Factors that go into preparing a budget Different types of expenses: Assets, Liabilities Loss to old lease Different types of valuation Purposes of a budget Types of accounting, cash and accrual Stabilize budgets, rehab budgets Break Even Occupancy Upgrades in renovations...
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