SOC 1004 - Exam 1 Review

SOC 1004 - Exam 1 Review - Scott Werner Intro Soc Sociology...

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Scott Werner Sociology Exam #1 5/13/2009 Intro Soc sociology – study of human behavior and societies sociological imagination – term used by C. Wright Mills that refers to the application of imaginative thought to the asking and answering of sociological questions. impression management – Goffman, individuals in a mass society to create dramaturgical images acceptable to bosses, fans, students, professors social structure – the institutional framework that makes for order in daily, weekly, and yearly interaction between people ideal type – Weber's construct of a 'pure type', traits are defining ones, not necessarily do not exist in reality, "measures" used in comparing social phenomena role conflict – the role in one social status competes and becomes incompatible with the role in another social status aggregate – collection of individuals who are in the same place at the same time role strain – individual finds expectations of a single role incompatible interaction – to act on each other artifacts – nonverbal communication, like soldiers uniform role set – multiplicity of roles associated with a single status self-serving bias – place ourselves at center of events social fact – abstraction external to the individual which constrains that individual's action role strain – strain experienced by a person when wrong demands are built into a single status social relationship – is the responsibility of
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SOC 1004 - Exam 1 Review - Scott Werner Intro Soc Sociology...

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