SOC 1004 - Exam 2 Review

SOC 1004 - Exam 2 Review - deviance behaviors do not obey...

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deviance – behaviors do not obey the rules to norms held by group of members the criminal justice system – reactive agencies of the state that include the police, courts, and prisons social control – process whereby rich and powerful actors inhibit, channel and manage the behavior of the population at large anomie – condition of anxiety and confusion that occurs when person is not given clear social norms the relativity of deviance crime – action that violates criminal laws social differentiation – process by which a society becomes increasingly specialized over time social stratification – structured ranking of individuals and groups; their grading into hierarchical layers or strata. wealth – what people own class – socioeconomic differences between groups of individuals which create differences in their material prosperity and power power – ability to control the behavior of others, even against their will party status – position within a group or society; a location in a social structure prestige – social respect, admiration, and recognition associated with a particular social status
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SOC 1004 - Exam 2 Review - deviance behaviors do not obey...

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