AHRM 2614 - Exam 1 Study Guide

AHRM 2614 - Exam 1 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE Introductory...

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STUDY GUIDE Introductory Residential Technologies Exam 1 – Spring 2008 Below is what a majority of the exam will cover. Bring a couple of pencils, an eraser, and a calculator (no Palm type devices, cell phones, etc.). The exam could include multiple choice, T and F, matching, and short answer. The Industry What are the general household trends? - 69% single family, 25% multifamily, 6% manufactured - ↑ in number of households - ↓ in number of household members - ↑ in number of households w/ 2 working adults - ↑ in number of “latch-key” children - ↑ in use of partially-prepared, frozen, and fresh foods What are the environmental concerns of consumers? - water quality, water conservation, indoor air quality, energy use, recycling and noise How are manufacturers addressing these concerns? - EnergyGuide labels, Energy use standards, eliminating CFCs, Energy Star Name the Big Five appliance companies for the U.S. market as given in class. - Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool, BSH, Sub-Zero What consumer environmental concerns are related to appliance use? - the amount of energy used, if any pollution is emitted that’s harmful to the environment, and its recycling capabilities The three innovations that impacted the home between 1970-2000. - Microwaves, computers and VCRs Information and Redress What is the difference between voluntary standards and mandatory standards? - mandatory standards are ones that must be complied with by the manufacturer , voluntary standards are merely recommendations by the government Who can develop a standard? -
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AHRM 2614 - Exam 1 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE Introductory...

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