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fa01 homequiz 2

Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

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1 University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering Computer Science Division EECS Fall 2001 John Kubiatowicz Homework Quiz (HW #2) September 19, 2001 CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering This quiz covers one of the problems from homework #2. Good Luck! Your Name: SID Number: Discussion Section: Total:
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2 General Base Conversions In homework problem 3.22, you were asked to write a MIPS assembly language program to convert an ASCII decimal string to 32-bit integer. For this quiz, construct a similar program that can convert a decimal string into an arbitrary-precision integer. The first argument (a0) contains a pointer to a null-terminated input string The Second argument (a1) contains a pointer to an array of words in memory for the result, least-significant word first. On exit, v0 will contain the number of 32-bit words in the result (at least 1), or an error. This procedure (call it “atoapi”) must adhere to all MIPS conventions
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