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1Sync Your Brightspace Calendar to Outlook or Google CalendarYou can also watch a video version of this tutorial:Brightspace: Sync Your Calendar.1.Find the calendar either on the learn.snhu.edupage or within your course’s homepage.2.Click the down arrow (“Actions for calendar”) next to Calendar. This will display a drop-down menu.3.Click “Go to Calendar.”
24.You should now be in your Brightspace calendar. From there, click “Settings.”5.Check the box next to “Enable Calendar Feeds,” and click “Save.”6.Next, click “Subscribe.”7.From the drop-down menu, select the calendar you wish to sync:a.If you have more than one enrollment, you can select “All Calendars andTasks,or you can sync each enrollment separately.
38.Copy the URL for your Brightspace calendar:a.Note:If you “download” the calendar, it will not update automatically. It isbest to use the URL to avoid any issues.
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