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Announcements PDF of notes can be commented/annotated using Adobe Reader AES looking for notetaker •email [email protected] •don't phone or drop in 1
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Announcements Computer Science Internship Info Session •Thursday, Sept 20 •08:30 – 09:30, Arts 208 •11:45 –12:45, Geol 255 •see - science-internship-info-session.php 2
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Announcements CSSS Lunch and Learn •13:00 – 14:30, Tuesday, Sept 10 •Spinks S386, •Topic: Saskatoon Tech Landscape •Free pizza •Sponsored by 7Shifts Computer Science Professional Internship Information Session •11:30–12:20, Wednesday, Sept 11 •Arts 101 3
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Announcements USask Space Design Team looking for additional team members •contact Aaron Peters, [email protected] •to to for more information 4
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Quote of the Day 5 "Unix is user-friendly. It's just very selective about who its friends are." •Anonymous
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Quick Review 6
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7 Welcome to The Shell Will you take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? ..... Many shells are available sh , ksh , bash,sh5 - bash is default for this class csh , tcsh •versions may differ between LINUX, MacOSX
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8 Graphical User Interfaces why type when you can click and/or drag? X-Windows (X11) •see and pp. 16–17 of Sobell text •Not to be confused with “Windows”, the OS •widely available •can work in a distributed fashion
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components of UNIX X11 GUI 9 Graphical User Interfaces user (via mouse, keyboard, screen) window manager X-windows server application program optionally on other machine application program application program
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10 Graphical User Interfaces Window manager •controls “look and feel” of interface •also accepts commands from user •examples - GNOME - MATE - KDE
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11 Remote User Access and Interface ssh is standard for our lab use ssh , slogin , and scp on LINUX/UNIX/MacOSX - see pp. 706–717 and Ch 17 of Sobell text - see use putty on Windows
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12 Remote User Access and Interface On UNIX/LINUX very common to start a virtual terminal program; e.g. xterm •open a secure shell to remote host - ssh - use -Y option •run X-windows program on remote host - DISPLAY variable
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Command Fundamentals general form: command options arguments command is •the name of a program, or •a built-in operation 13
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