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1 CHEMISTRY 111 GENERAL CHEMISTRY Chapter 2 ATOMS, MOLECULES, AND IONS Dr. Furqan Sami [email protected] Fall 2019
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Evolution of Atomic Theory Atomic Structure and Symbolism Chemical Formulas The Periodic Table Molecular and Ionic Compounds Chemical Nomenclature Chapter 2: Objectives 2
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Dalton’s Atomic Theory Dalton’s atomic theory can be summarized in five postulates. 1. Matter is composed of exceedingly small particles called atoms. An atom is the smallest unit of an element that can participate in a chemical change. 2. An element consists of only one type of atom, which has a mass that is characteristic of the element and is the same for all atoms of that element. 3. Atoms of one element differ in properties from atoms of all other elements. 4. A Compound consists of atoms of two or more elements combined in a small, whole-number ratio. In a given compound, the number of atoms of each of its elements are always present in the same ratio. 5. Atoms are neither created nor destroyed during a chemical change, but instead rearrange to yield a different type(s) of matter. 3
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