chld0240.pdf - SYLLABUS DATE OF LAST REVIEW 02/2013 CIP CODE 19.0708 SEMESTER DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE Curriculum Planning for Young Children

chld0240.pdf - SYLLABUS DATE OF LAST REVIEW 02/2013 CIP...

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SYLLABUS DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 02/2013 CIP CODE: 19.0708 SEMESTER: DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS COURSE TITLE: Curriculum Planning for Young Children COURSE NUMBER: CHLD-0240 CREDIT HOURS: 3 INSTRUCTOR: DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS OFFICE LOCATION: DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS OFFICE HOURS: DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS TELEPHONE: DEPARTMENTAL SYLLABUS EMAIL: KCKCC- “issued email accounts are the official means for electronically communicating with our students.” PREREQUISITS: Consent of the instructor or completion of the first year of the Child Care Education Program. Special Note: See ChildCare Internship II. REQUIRED TEXT AND MATERIALS: Please check with the KCKCC bookstore, , for the required texts for your particular class. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to explore methods of planning curriculum based on activity areas and appropriate themes. Students develop knowledge of educational theories with particular attention to the process of learning; developmentally appropriate principles, and Piagetian cognitive concepts. Workable goals and lesson plans for use with children are formulated. METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: A variety of instructional methods may be used depending on content area. These include but are not limited to: lecture, multimedia, cooperative/collaborative learning, labs and demonstrations, projects and presentations, speeches, debates, panels, conferencing, performances, and learning experiences outside the classroom. Methodology will be selected to best meet student needs. COURSE OUTLINE:
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