PSYCH201 - W10 Interview.pdf - Emily Mallory PSYCH201 W10 Project Interview 03 November 23rd 2019 Name Renee Guerrero Age 17 Gender Male Relation

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Emily Mallory PSYCH201 W10 Project: Interview 03 November 23 rd , 2019 Name: Renee Guerrero Age: 17 Gender: Male Relation: Roommates brother 1. Okay Renee, describe to me a typical day. Like what do you normally do? R: Well, I’m usually up by like 5:30 cause I have seminary at 6. Then after that I drive to school until around 3. At school I’m taking a lot of hard classes so I’m really tired by the end of basically every day. Then I’ll come home. Maybe do some homework or watch some tv or whatever. But, it’s football season so I’m usually at school later for a couple hours for practice. After that, I’ll get to go home. Then mom makes dinner and we’l l eat and then later I’ll go to bed around 10 or 11. Nothing too exciting. 2. Wow what a fun time. So then what activities do you enjoy doing the most? R: uhhh I like playing football. And music. I’m learning to play the guitar right now. 3. That’s super cool ! I didn’t know that. And what activites do you enjoy the least? R: Man I hate math. I’m in pre-calculus this year and I hate it. I know it’ll be worth it but it’s hard. Probably that and grocery shopping. Mom makes me go with her all the time cause she doe sn’t like going by herself, but I still hate it.
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