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Unformatted text preview: Please initial here: ​________ DW The Beacon Fellowship ​| ​Fellow ​Contract Including ​Liability ​Release ​and ​Indemnity ​Agreement I ​am ​(or ​my ​child ​is) ​a ​student ​who ​desires ​to ​enroll ​in ​a ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​and ​thus ​become ​a ​Beacon Fellow. ​I ​understand ​that ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​must ​return ​this ​signed ​contract ​and ​a ​deposit ​amount, ​and ​that ​all forms ​and ​submissions ​must ​be ​received ​and ​approved ​by ​Beacon ​in ​order ​to ​secure ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​spot in ​the ​Program. This Contract is a ​legally ​binding ​document​ that will guide and inform students participating in the Beacon Fellowship concerning certain required policies and procedures. Please review this document carefully. This Contract is entered into between the person(s) signing below, that is, persons listed on the lines that say “Name of Student” and “Name of Parent/Guardian”, and Riverbed Education, LLC, which operates the Beacon Fellowships (hereinafter “Beacon”). In consideration of the services provided by Beacon, I hereby understand and agree to the following: A. Behavioral ​Responsibilities: ​I ​am ​aware ​of ​the ​expected ​behaviors ​while ​participating ​in ​this program. ​As ​a ​guest ​in ​a ​foreign ​country, ​there ​are ​certain ​behaviors ​which ​are ​considered ​unacceptable ​and could ​lead ​to ​possible ​disruption ​of ​the ​program. ​I ​hereby ​assure ​Beacon ​that ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​shall ​conduct myself ​(herself ​or ​himself) ​in ​an ​appropriate ​manner ​consistent ​with, ​and ​which ​does ​not ​infringe ​upon, ​the customs ​of ​the ​country ​in ​which ​the ​program ​is ​being ​conducted, ​or ​the ​rights, ​health, ​or ​safety for ​me ​(or ​my ​child) ​or ​others. ​Further, ​I ​agree ​to ​not ​(or ​to ​have ​my ​child ​not) ​consume ​or ​possess ​tobacco or ​alcohol ​in ​the ​housing ​arrangement. ​If ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​chooses ​to ​consume ​alcohol ​elsewhere, ​I ​(or ​my child) ​will ​absolutely ​exercise ​moderation ​and ​caution, ​and ​will ​not ​encourage ​other ​Beacon ​Fellows ​to ​act otherwise. ​Behavioral ​expectations ​shall ​be ​applicable ​during ​the ​course ​of ​the ​program ​and ​any ​other ​time while ​in ​country. ​I ​agree ​that ​if ​I ​consume ​alcohol ​inside ​the ​housing ​facilities ​or ​during ​scheduled ​Beacon events ​I ​may ​be ​immediately ​dismissed ​from ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​at ​the ​sole ​discretion ​of the ​Beacon ​Director ​with ​no ​refund ​of ​program ​fees ​or ​flight ​costs. ​I ​agree ​that ​if ​I ​consume ​alcohol outside my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​program ​housing ​in ​a ​manner ​that ​endangers ​or ​otherwise ​negatively ​affects ​the experience ​of ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​for ​the ​on-site ​client​ staff, ​other ​Fellows, ​or ​members ​of ​the host-country ​community, ​I ​may ​be ​expelled ​from ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​at ​the ​sole ​discretion of ​the ​Beacon ​Director ​with ​no ​refund ​of ​program ​fees ​or ​flight ​costs. IMPORTANT​: Inappropriate ​behavior ​as ​deemed ​solely ​by ​Beacon ​agents ​and ​representatives, including ​but ​not ​limited ​to ​disrespect ​of ​Beacon ​staff, ​abuse ​or ​misuse ​of ​drugs ​or ​alcohol, ​theft, sexual ​harassment ​or ​assault, ​or ​any ​other ​reckless ​or ​illegal ​behavior, ​including ​crimes ​deemed ​as such ​by ​the ​host ​country ​or ​by ​the ​laws ​of ​the ​United ​States ​of ​America, ​will ​result ​in ​immediate dismissal ​from ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​without ​any ​refund​ ​of ​Enrollment ​Fee, ​program ​fees, flight ​costs, ​or ​any ​other ​fees ​paid ​to ​Beacon. ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​will ​read ​and ​comply ​with ​all ​Beacon program ​policies. ​Students ​will ​live with ​other ​students, ​that ​is, ​not ​with ​a ​local ​family. ​I ​consent ​to ​Beacon ​representatives ​possibly ​(though ​not necessarily) ​contacting ​the ​provided ​emergency ​contact ​concerning ​behavioral ​misconduct, ​particularly misconduct ​involving ​illegal ​behavior. Illegal ​Drugs: ​I ​understand ​that ​the ​use ​or ​possession ​of ​illegal ​drugs ​during ​the ​program ​or ​being knowingly ​present ​in ​instances ​of ​use ​or ​possession ​of ​illegal ​drugs ​during ​the ​program ​is ​cause ​for immediate ​dismissal ​from ​the ​program ​without ​refund ​of ​fees ​or ​flight ​cost ​and ​possible ​criminal ​prosecution under ​the ​laws ​of ​the ​host ​country ​and ​possibly ​under ​the ​laws ​of ​the ​United ​States ​of ​America. Involuntary ​withdrawal: ​I ​acknowledge ​and ​understand ​that ​return ​travel ​and ​all ​other ​expenses ​related to ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​involuntary ​withdrawal ​from ​the ​program ​shall ​be ​my ​sole ​and ​exclusive ​financial responsibility. B. Academic ​or ​Fellowship ​responsibilities: A ​portion ​of ​the ​Beacon ​programming ​involves ​a ‘Core ​Experience,’ ​which ​is ​in ​the ​form ​of ​practical ​experiences, ​namely, ​consulting at a commercial, governmental, non-profit, or NGO entity. ​While ​Beacon ​has ​made ​arrangements ​with ​these organizations, ​I ​understand ​the entities ​that ​host ​the ​practical ​experiences ​do ​not ​directly ​receive ​financial ​compensation ​from ​Beacon ​to have ​Beacon ​Fellows ​gain ​experience ​with ​them. ​ Updated 3/26/2019 Please initial here: ​________ DW Thus, ​these ​entities ​are ​not ​legally ​bound ​to ​provide ​a certain ​type ​of ​experience ​to ​Beacon ​Fellows ​(e.g. ​they ​are ​not ​required ​to ​have ​a ​certain ​section ​or department ​within ​the ​organization ​available ​for ​observation or interaction, ​or ​to ​ensure ​that ​the ​Fellow ​can ​be involved in ​a ​certain type of organizational affair, ​or ​to ​ensure ​that ​the ​clients ​with whom the Fellow interacts ​speak ​English ​fluently), ​and therefore ​I ​understand ​Beacon ​cannot ​guarantee ​in ​any ​way ​that ​Beacon ​Fellows’ ​preferences ​will ​be ​met with ​regards ​to ​which ​type of client is ​requested ​for ​involvement. ​ I ​acknowledge ​that ​it ​is ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​ultimate ​responsibility ​to ​cultivate ​appropriate ​professional relationships ​with ​staff ​at ​the ​public ​entities ​where ​the ​programs ​take ​place ​and ​to ​actively ​seek ​out constructive, ​productive, ​ethical, ​and ​safe ​experiences ​throughout ​the ​fellowship ​experience. ​I ​am ​(or ​my child ​is) ​ultimately ​responsible ​for ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​behavior. ​Beacon ​Fellows ​consulting at the organizations must ​practice ​constant ​care ​to ​ensure ​their ​participation ​does ​not ​hinder ​the ​safety, ​health, ​or ​dignity ​of the client or the organization. ​Beacon Fellows ​volunteering ​in ​the ​community ​or ​with clients are ​to ​maintain ​professional ​relationships ​with anyone ​involved ​(who ​in ​some ​cases ​may ​be ​minors). ​I ​agree ​that ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​will ​not ​engage ​in ​any intimate ​or ​sexual ​relationships ​with ​minors ​met ​in ​in ​connection ​with ​the ​program ​or ​while ​in ​country. ​I (or ​my ​child) ​understand ​that, ​in ​many ​of ​the ​organizations ​that ​partner ​with ​Beacon, ​Fellows ​are ​prohibited from ​taking ​pictures ​or ​videos ​at ​any ​time. ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​understand ​that ​if ​I ​do ​take ​pictures ​or ​videos, ​I must ​obtain ​expressed ​consent ​from ​the client. C. Financial ​Responsibility: ​I ​agree ​to ​the ​following ​policies ​and ​procedures ​regarding ​financial responsibility: 1. Enrollment ​Fee, Program Fee, ​and ​Cancellation ​Policy: ​An ​enrollment ​fee ​of $900 (nine-hundred dollars) as ​specified ​on ​the ​website and ​in ​the ​participant’s ​acceptance ​offer ​is ​to ​be ​paid ​with ​the ​return ​of ​this ​contract ​and ​any ​other ​forms ​to secure ​the ​participant’s ​offered ​program ​as ​specified ​in ​their ​offer ​email. ​I ​understand ​and ​agree ​that ​this enrollment ​fee ​is ​non-refundable ​for ​any ​reason. ​If ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​withdraw ​from ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​for any ​reason ​after ​submitting ​the ​enrollment ​fee, ​the ​enrollment ​fee ​is ​forfeited. ​If ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​change program ​dates ​after ​submitting ​the ​enrollment ​fee, ​I ​understand ​the ​enrollment ​fee ​is ​forfeited and ​a ​new ​enrollment ​fee ​must ​be ​paid ​to ​secure ​a ​new ​placement. I also understand that if ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​withdraw ​from ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship within thirty (30) days of the first day of my Fellowship ​for any ​reason, the program fee, if submitted, is ​forfeited and is non-refundable under any circumstance. 2. ​Program ​Withdrawal ​and ​Refund ​Policy: Beacon ​reserves ​the ​right ​to ​rescind ​my ​(or my ​child’s) ​program ​acceptance ​and ​enrollment ​for ​reasonable ​causes ​unless ​forbidden ​by ​law ​at ​any ​point prior ​to ​the ​program ​start ​date. ​In ​this ​case, ​Beacon ​will ​return ​any ​fees ​paid ​by ​me ​(or ​my ​child), ​but ​will not ​reimburse ​flight ​costs ​or ​other ​costs ​assumed ​by ​me ​(or ​my ​child). ​Should ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​cancel participation ​after ​paying ​the ​enrollment ​fee, ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​must ​notify ​Beacon ​via ​email, ​and ​Beacon representatives ​will ​confirm ​when ​the ​email ​has ​been ​received. Verbal ​notification ​will ​not ​be​ accepted. For program ​cancellations ​received ​in ​writing ​prior ​to ​the ​final ​program ​fee ​due ​date and never later than 30 days before the program start date, ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​will ​receive ​a ​refund ​(if ​applicable) ​of ​any ​program ​fee ​payment ​made to ​Beacon, ​but ​not ​the ​enrollment ​fee. ​Enrollment ​fees ​are ​always ​non-refundable, ​regardless ​of ​the time ​of ​withdrawal. ​For ​program ​cancellations ​received ​in ​writing ​after ​the ​final ​payment ​due date ​as ​specified ​in ​the ​online ​student ​portal, ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​will ​forfeit ​the ​entire ​program ​fees paid ​and ​will ​receive ​no ​refund ​for ​any ​reason, ​and ​may ​be ​further ​liable ​for ​the ​full ​program ​fees even ​if ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​account ​is ​unpaid​. ​In ​the ​event ​that ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​has ​an ​unsatisfactory experience, ​I ​understand ​that ​Beacon ​does ​not ​issue ​refunds ​under ​any ​circumstances, ​provided that ​the ​basic ​elements ​of ​the ​program ​are ​provided. ​The ​basic ​elements ​of ​the ​program ​include the ​student ​housing, ​client work, ​group ​meals, ​excursions, ​a ​Site ​Manager, ​and staff ​available ​for ​pre-trip ​preparation. 3. Program ​Cancellation: I ​understand ​that ​there ​are ​inherent ​risks ​in ​global ​client partnerships ​and ​should ​Beacon ​cancel ​any ​session ​or ​program ​for ​any ​reason, ​including ​a ​decision ​by ​the client ​to ​not ​host ​students ​or ​a ​safety ​concern ​in ​the ​host ​country ​such ​as ​a ​terrorist ​attack, ​disease ​or ​virus, or ​other ​significant ​safety ​threats, ​in ​which ​event ​all ​moneys ​paid ​by ​me ​(or ​my ​child) ​to ​Beacon ​will ​be refunded ​in ​full. ​I ​understand ​and ​acknowledge ​that ​Beacon ​is ​not ​liable ​in ​cases ​of ​program ​cancellation ​for other ​costs ​such ​as ​flights, ​train ​tickets, ​incidental ​travel ​plans, ​or ​any ​other ​costs ​that ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​have assumed. Please ​note ​that ​in ​some ​cases ​Beacon ​may ​offer ​a ​different ​program ​(in ​a ​different ​site) due ​to ​reasons ​including, ​but ​not ​limited ​to, ​safety ​threats, ​or ​limited enrollment. ​In ​this ​case ​Beacon ​is ​not ​responsible ​for ​flight ​change ​fees, ​and ​I ​(or ​my ​student) ​will be ​liable ​for ​any ​difference ​in ​program ​fees ​associated ​with ​changing ​programs ​or ​lengths. Updated 3/26/2019 Please initial here: ​________ DW 4. Program ​Cost: ​I ​am ​(or ​my ​child ​is) ​responsible ​for ​the ​applicable ​program ​fees ​or ​other fees, ​which ​was ​specified ​in ​my ​acceptance ​offer. ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​agree ​to ​pay ​all ​fees ​by ​the ​specified ​deadline dates, ​with ​the ​entire ​fee ​paid ​in ​full ​(Enrollment ​Fee ​plus ​the ​Program ​Fee) ​before ​the ​program ​session begins ​according ​to ​the ​deadlines ​announced ​to ​me. ​I ​understand ​and ​agree ​that ​if ​I ​do ​not ​pay ​my ​final program ​fees ​by ​the ​assigned ​deadline ​I ​will ​be ​assessed ​a ​$150 ​late ​fee ​penalty​ ​and ​beyond ​this ​may ​be removed ​from ​my ​Beacon ​Fellowship, ​with ​no ​refund ​of ​the ​enrollment ​fee, ​and ​may ​still ​be ​liable ​for ​the remainder ​of ​my ​fees. ​If ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​participate ​in ​more ​than ​one ​session, ​I ​will ​pay ​the ​entire ​fee ​for ​all sessions ​before ​the ​start ​of ​the ​first ​session ​student ​is ​scheduled ​to ​attend. ​Failure ​to ​pay ​the ​program ​fee prior ​to ​the ​start ​of ​the ​first ​session ​will ​preclude ​participation ​in ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship. D. Medical ​Responsibility: ​I ​understand ​it ​is ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​sole ​and ​complete ​responsibility ​to consult ​with ​a ​medical ​doctor ​to ​determine ​whether ​it ​is ​appropriate ​for ​me ​(or ​my ​child) ​to ​participate ​in this ​program ​in ​the ​country ​selected. ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​will ​also ​determine ​whether ​there ​are ​any immunizations ​or ​other ​medical ​concerns ​to ​be ​addressed ​before ​departure ​and ​will ​be responsible ​for ​carrying ​out ​any ​recommendations ​from ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​physician. ​Beacon ​is not ​responsible ​for ​attending ​to ​any ​of ​the ​student’s ​medical ​needs ​or ​paying ​for ​any ​medical services ​or ​treatment ​before ​departure ​or ​while ​abroad​. However, ​if ​a ​medical ​emergency ​should ​arise involving ​me ​(or ​my ​child) ​or ​another ​Beacon ​Fellow, ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​will ​contact ​Beacon ​staff ​immediately (in ​addition ​to ​relevant ​local ​emergency ​services). ​I ​understand ​it ​is ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​sole ​responsibility ​to avoid ​dangerous ​allergens ​if ​I ​have ​(or ​my ​child ​has) ​allergies ​and ​to ​be ​prepared ​to ​address ​a ​severe ​allergic reaction. ​Students ​with ​severe ​food ​allergies ​must ​travel ​with ​appropriate ​medication. ​I ​understand ​Beacon is ​not ​liable ​in ​any ​way ​for ​food ​allergies ​or ​other ​allergic ​reactions, ​even ​should ​it ​occur ​during ​an ​official Beacon ​meal ​or ​program ​time. ​Fellows ​will ​often ​have ​community ​meals ​sponsored ​by ​Beacon, ​but ​I understand ​I ​am ​(or ​my ​child ​is) ​responsible ​for ​making ​sure ​I ​am ​(or ​my ​child ​is) ​not ​exposed ​to ​allergens ​or other ​foods ​that ​cannot ​be ​consumed ​due ​to ​individual ​dietary ​restrictions. ​Fellows ​should ​therefore ​verify each ​meal ​with ​the ​meal’s ​provider ​directly; ​staff ​can ​try ​to ​accommodate ​Fellow’s ​requests ​but ​cannot guarantee ​that ​all ​meals ​will ​be ​without ​allergens ​or ​will ​accommodate ​all ​dietary ​restrictions. ​I ​agree ​that should ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​need ​hospitalization ​while ​abroad ​during ​the ​program, ​Beacon ​will ​not ​and ​does ​not assume ​legal ​responsibility ​for ​payment ​of ​any ​such ​costs. ​I ​understand ​Beacon ​will ​provide ​students ​with travel ​health ​insurance, ​but ​any ​claims ​or ​disagreements ​related ​to ​using ​that ​insurance ​policy ​are ​not ​the responsibility ​of ​Beacon ​and ​must ​be ​resolved ​between ​me ​(or ​my ​child) ​and ​the ​insurance ​provider ​directly. I ​hereby ​assure ​Beacon ​that ​I ​will ​assume ​all ​risk ​and ​responsibility ​for ​any ​such ​treatment ​and ​that ​I ​will have ​adequate ​insurance ​to ​meet ​any ​and ​all ​needs ​for ​payment ​of ​possible ​hospital ​and ​other ​healthcare ​costs during ​the ​course ​of ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship. 1. Health ​Insurance: I ​understand ​that ​all ​Beacon ​Fellows ​will ​be ​enrolled ​in ​a ​travel ​health insurance ​plan ​that ​covers ​them ​only ​for ​their ​official ​program ​dates. ​This ​plan ​may ​not ​cover ​all ​potential injuries ​or ​illnesses. ​I ​understand ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​is ​expected ​to ​carry ​a ​copy ​of ​proof ​of ​insurance ​at ​all ​times while ​traveling. ​If ​I ​believe ​that ​the ​health ​care ​policy ​provided ​by ​Beacon ​is ​not ​sufficient, ​I ​will ​acquire (prior ​to ​program ​start) ​another ​policy ​in ​addition ​to ​the ​policy ​required ​by ​Beacon. ​I ​understand ​that ​in most ​cases ​I ​will ​be ​required ​to ​pay ​for ​my ​medical ​expenses ​out ​of ​pocket ​first ​and ​then ​be ​reimbursed ​later by ​the ​health ​insurance ​provider. 2. Consent ​to ​Emergency ​Medical ​Treatment: I ​acknowledge ​that ​on ​rare ​occasions ​an emergency ​may ​develop ​which ​necessitates ​the ​administration ​of ​medical ​care, ​hospitalization, ​or ​surgery. Therefore, ​in ​the ​event ​of ​injury ​or ​illness ​necessitating ​emergency ​medical ​care, ​I ​hereby ​authorize ​Beacon and ​its ​authorized ​representative(s) ​or ​agent(s) ​(if ​such ​representative(s) ​or ​agent(s) ​are ​placed ​in ​this position) ​to ​secure ​any ​necessary ​treatment ​deemed ​appropriate, ​including ​the ​administration ​of ​anesthetics and ​surgery, ​should ​Beacon ​operations ​staff ​decide ​this ​is ​necessary ​for ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​health. ​I ​will ​be responsible ​for ​any ​costs ​associated ​with ​such ​treatment ​that ​are ​not ​covered ​by ​the ​travel ​health ​insurance plan. ​Beacon ​will ​not ​be ​financially ​responsible, ​nor ​does ​seeking ​treatment ​obligate ​Beacon ​to ​make ​further decisions ​or ​arrangements. ​I ​also ​consent ​to ​Beacon ​representatives ​possibly ​(though ​not ​necessarily) communicating ​with ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​emergency ​contact ​concerning ​all ​medical ​treatment ​and ​issues. Updated 3/26/2019 Please initial here: ​________ DW 3. Students ​with ​Disabilities: ​I ​understand ​that ​some ​countries ​do ​not ​have ​laws ​mandating equal ​access ​for ​individuals ​with ​disabilities, ​which ​may ​affect ​their ​ability ​to ​provide ​accommodations ​to ​me (or ​my ​child) ​in ​certain ​locations. ​If ​a ​student ​with ​a ​disability ​makes ​a ​written ​request ​to ​the ​Director ​of Beacon, ​Beacon ​will ​use reasonable ​efforts ​to ​provide ​or ​request ​accommodations, ​but ​Beacon ​does ​not guarantee ​that ​students ​with ​disabilities ​will ​be ​provided ​with ​the ​accommodations ​abroad ​that ​are ​required in ​the ​United ​States. E. Informed ​Consent: I ​acknowledge, ​understand, and consent to ​that ​my ​(or ​my ​child’s) ​Beacon ​Fellowship activities ​may ​include, ​but ​are ​not ​limited ​to, ​the ​following: 1. Intensive ​on-site consultation ​periods ​in ​international ​organizations ​(up ​to ​9 ​hours ​per ​day) 2. Volunteer ​work ​in ​the ​local ​community 3. Gastronomic ​and ​recreational ​events, ​including ​meals ​at ​local ​restaurants ​where ​cuisine ​varies significantly ​from ​typical ​foods ​in ​the ​United ​States; ​hiking ​activities; ​swimming ​activities; ​or ​other adventure ​activities ​that ​involve ​public ​or ​private ​transportation 4. Transport ​on ​public ​or ​private ​buses, ​trains, ​planes, ​taxis, ​or ​other ​vehicles ​to ​the ​client site, ​meals, ​activities ​or ​other ​parts ​of ​the ​program ​schedule 5. Sleeping ​and ​living ​in ​Beacon-contracted ​housing ​arrangement, ​which ​may ​be ​a ​public ​hotel, ​public hostel, ​public ​apartment ​building, ​university ​dorm, ​or ​other ​housing ​location ​with ​occupants ​who are ​not ​a ​part ​of ​the ​Beacon ​Fellowship 6. Free ​time ​in ​which ​I ​(or ​my ​child) ​is ​not ​supervised ​by ​Beacon ​staff ​and ​may ​travel ​locally, regionally, ​or ​internationally ​without ​oversight ​or ​supervision 7. Involvement in Beacon photography and videography, to be used at Beacon’s discretion, including but not limited to website and advertising or other general promotional purposes. F. Assumption ​of ​Risks: The ​risks ​of ​all ​Beacon ​Fellowship ​activities ​depend ​on ​the ​activities ​and ​the location ​and ​may ​include, ​but ​are ​not ​limited ​to, ​the ​following: 1. Injuries ​or ​contracting ​communicable ​or ​other ​diseases ​from ​contact ​or ​exposure ​to ​people ​or (organic ​or ​inorganic) ​materials ​at ​the ​client-site 2. Injuries ​from ​client equipment ​...
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