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Sarah Neff A35710843 RET261 – Section 1 Homework #4 Chapter 9: #5,6,7 5. What are the positive and negative aspects of employee turnover? How can a retailer reduce the turnover of its sales associates? Negatively, when dealing with laying off employees due to stiff competition, turnover has a declining effect on customer service because employee morale and the quality of customer service declines. On the other hand, losing old employees and bringing in new offer a way to bring in new training techniques and management styles that may have been harder to implement with employees who had been with the retailer before. A retailer can reduce its rate of turnover by increasing the diversity of the employees, and by introducing incentives and new technology to the store. 6. To motivate employees, several major department stores are experimenting with incentive compensation plans, though frequently, compensation plans with a lot of incentives don’t promote good customer service. How can retailers motivate employees
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