Test Review 1 - Germany and Japan are leaders of solar...

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Germany and Japan are leaders of solar power Kenya’s location makes it prime for solar power. Oil industry became first to use solar power The developed nations have 20% of the world population and consume approximately 85% of the world’s wealth The developing nations have 80% of the world’s population and consume approx. 15% of the world’s wealth Over the past 10 years US Petroleum production is decreasing Everyone lived like they did in the US – Sustainable for 2 billion US, but went to the extreme with recycling – 4 billion Mexico – 20 billion Northern Africa – 40 billion Carbon and Gold are considered scarce in the earth’s crust Europe and Japan are countries/regions with predicted negative population growth Wind is considered a renewable resource Water from a river used in generating electricity is a renewable, energy resource The current rate of natural population increase in developing countries is 2.5% Water from a deep groundwater well used in the manufacturing of an automobile is a non-renewable, nonmetallic resource In the graph, line 1 is population and line 2 is resource growth The per capita ecologic footprint of the Netherlands is roughly half that of the us because: All of these are important factors o We live in a “throw away society” o We drive much bigger, less fuel efficient vehicles o Their mass transit system is far superior
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o Many more people ride bikes In order for a resource to be considered “renewable” is must be replenished on a
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Test Review 1 - Germany and Japan are leaders of solar...

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