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Unformatted text preview: GEOLOGY FINAL EXAM REVIEW QUIZ 1 MATERIAL SiO4 Tetrahedron negative charge of 4 10^-8 cm Angstrom Paleontology study of fossils One kilogram in pounds 2.2 units Hydrogen Element with 1 proton First mineral to form in Bowen Reaction Series Olivine SiO2 (SI+4O2-4) Balanced Compound 8 km 5 miles First Six Elements of Periodic Table H, He, Li, Be, B, C Radius of the earth 6370 KM Geothermal gradient of 20 degrees C/km, the temp at the center of the earth 127400 C Atom is the smallest possible particle of an element that retains the properties of that element TRUE Common stable element Helium Dissimilarities in abundances of elements between the sun and the earths crust suggest that the earth is chemically zoned Following Bowen Reaction Series, would olivine commonly occur with quartz? No Braggs law is used to calculate interatomic distances in minerals. A common form of the expression used is: nl/sin q = 2d For the liquidus/ solidus graph question the composition of solid s is An80 If the solid s were melted at its present temp, the composition of the coexisting liquid would be: An70 If the solid s were melted completely, the composition of the liquid would be: An80 Relationship of 1kb = 3km, the pressure at the center of the earth would be: 2123 Kb How many atoms can occur in 1 cubic cm? 10^24 atoms In a magma chamber that has undergone crystal settling, the sequence of rocks from bottom to top would be: gabbro-diorite-granite If 11 parts by volume of 50% SIO2 magma were to be completely mixed with 2 parts of volume of 70% SIO2 magma, the mixed magma would have which of the following SIO2% context? 53% (average) The average density of the earth is: 5.1 GM/CC^3 TRUE: Element substitution in minerals requires that the elements be approximately similar in size. The concept of free energy is related to energy like property of a system in thermodynamic equilibrium. In Bowen Reaction Series, the sequence of minerals from high to low temperature in the discontinuous series would be olivine-pyroxene-amphibole-biotite The volume of planet earth in cubic meters is: 1 X 10^21M^3 Assume that water saturated granite will melt at a temperature of 600 degrees C under a wide range of pressures. If the geothermal gradiens in a particular area was 25 degrees C per kilometer, what is the minimum depth at which granite would begin to melt? 24 km Which pair of rocks are associated with high silica content? Rhyolite & Granite If all the igneous rocks in the world were to be analyzed, the two most common torck types seen with respect to silica contect would be : Basalt and Rhyolite The velocity of light in vacuum is: 3 x 10^8 meters per second As magmas travel through the solid earth, they can move both parallel to or cut across pre-existing layers. When they cut across layers the shape is called dike TRUE : Granite is the plutonic equivalent of Rhyolite...
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