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PSYCH FINAL REVIEW THERAPY In which kind of therapy is creativity and appreciation of the individual a main concern o Client centered therapy o Humanistic therapy What type of therapy is client centered and focuses on unconditional positive regard and strong rapport o Humanistic therapy Examples of medical therapies used in psychology include o Drugs o Depressants o ECT o Psychosurgery o Transcranial stimulation The type of therapy, of which Freud is considered the “father”, emphasizes… o Psychoanalysis The assumption that giving insight we can change behavior is an assumptions of which therapy model o Medical or disease model This is the process by which we reach a general conclusion based on a few specific bits of information o Overgeneralization Overgeneralization is a concept associated with what type of therapy o Cognitive-Behavior therapy
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What form of therapy can use psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive, or behavioral techniques o Family or group therapy APPLIED This is behavior that is discretionary, or goes beyond the call of duty o Organizational Citizenship Of the big five personality factors, this one is the most predictive of citizenship behavior and job performance o Consciensesous What concept (related to happiness) is predictive of both job performance and organizational citizenship o
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