Document 2 (1).pdf - From \u201cGroup 2\u201d Barry Smith Elijah Reid Caitlyn Glass Mason Nickell Kimberly Diaz Anabella Muskus To \u201cMarc Lane\u201d Subject Mod

Document 2 (1).pdf - From “Group 2” Barry Smith Elijah...

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Reference Guide to Installing an Interior Door 1 From: “Group 2” - Barry Smith, Elijah Reid, Caitlyn Glass, Mason Nickell, Kimberly Diaz, Anabella Muskus To: “Marc Lane” Subject: Mod 3 Draft Date: 3/22/2019 How to Install an Interior Door Table of Contents: Introduction Page 2 Tools/Materials Page 3-4 Instructions Page 5-7 Overview/Closing Remarks Page 8 References Page 9 Introduction:
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