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Cover Page THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS MKTG2501A-G INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING 2019-20 (SEMESTER 1) INDIVIDUAL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Questions posted course moodle: on 3:00 p.m. Dec 2, 2019 (Mon) (Hong Kong Time) Student submission to course moodle: by 3:00 p.m. Dec 3, 2019 (Tue) (Hong Kong Time) Before you start to work on this individual written assignment, read all the instructions (overall and specific instructions) on the cover pages (two pages in total) carefully. Overall instructions: The individual written assignment carries 35% weighting of the final grade of the course. The individual written assignment is an individual online assessment: case/applied essay questions are posted on the course moodle and students’ essay answer file should be submitted to the course moodle by the deadline. Complete the individual written assignment by answering all the case/applied essay questions within 24 hours since this question paper is posted on course moodle. The individual written assignment must be completed on an individual basis and by yourself only . During the individual online assessment period, no discussion, consultation, and/or enquiry with anyone including your course instructor/ teaching assistant to complete any parts of this individual written assignment. Your individual written assignment will be submitted by the course teaching assistant to the Turnitin for originality check. Answer ALL the case/applied essay questions and sub-questions . The individual written assignment consists of a total of four case/applied essay questions: - Section A (70%) : Case essay questions (Question A1 A3) - Section B (30%) : Applied essay question (Question B1) The total point of the four case/applied essay questions is 100 points. Point allocation to each case/applied essay question and sub-question is provided on the essay question pages (Page 6-9). To complete your essay answers, the lecture notes/handouts and the course textbook* will be the only sources for your reference. No other extra research or information is needed . (*Course textbook refers to the required textbook stated in the course syllabus.) The course policies on adopting HKU regulations to academic dishonesty and late
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