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Unformatted text preview: Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ GUIDED READING A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3: The European Period, 1540 - 1798 Section 1 Directions: Spanish Exploration Use the information from pages 72 - 74 to complete the following. 1. Prince Henry the Navigator conducted a special school in Portugal for explorers seamen ________________ and __________________ and helped launch the Great Age of Exploration. Columbus 2. Christopher ___________________ had studied geography and cartography __________________ (the art and technique of making maps and charts) in Portugal under Prince Henry. round 3. He [Columbus] was convinced that the world was _______________ and he persuaded the King of ________________ to provide him with three ships for his Spain historic 1492 ________________ voyage in ____________. correct belief 4. Columbus was _________________ in his __________________ that the world was American round, but he did not know about the ____________________ Hemisphere, which the Newworld Europeans would call the ___________ _________________. de Soto Spanish 5. In the early 1540s, a ____________________ expedition led by Hernando ______ ________________ trekked across the land that would become the state of mississippi _____________________. expedition 6. This _________________________ (a journey for a specific purpose, such as european exploration) was the beginning of what historians call the ___________________ colonial period, or the __________________ period, of American history. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 1 Page 1 of 2 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ Spain France 7. The great powers of Europe ––– ______________________, ___________________, England and _____________________ ––– were locked in a two-hundred-year struggle to New world control ____________________ the ___________ ________________. 8. De Soto dreamed of leading his own expedition and finding even greater riches Inca __________________ than those found among the ______________ peoples of South America. find failure treasure 9. After de Soto's ___________________ to ____________ any ___________________, the southern woodlands were undisturbed for another 130 years. real powers 10. Eventually, the great __________________ of Europe realized that the ____________ treasures of the New World were not silver and gold. profit trade 11. More ___________________ could be made from __________________ and colonies commerce ___________________ with the ___________________ (geographical areas politically vast controlled by a distant country) that could be established in this _____________ land _______________ that Columbus had discovered. 12. As long as these European colonies were located along the fringes or on the coastline ____________________ of ______________ America, there was minimal contact or North rivalry ___________________ among the nations. inland settlement 13. But as the ________________________ began to move ________________ and the same claiming nations started ____________________ the _____________ territory, the rivalry wars spawned ___________________ (generated) a series of colonial ____________. removal 14. These wars would ultimately result in the ___________________ of the European _____________________ powers from North America and the emergence of the United States _________________ ____________________. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 1 Page 2 of 2 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ GUIDED READING A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3: The European Period, 1540 - 1798 Section 2 Directions: French Exploration and the Louisiana Province, 1673 - 1763 Use the information from pages 75 - 81 to complete the following. French 1. The ___________________ were more interested in finding a shortcut across the New riches World to the __________________ of the Orient than they were in establishing colonies _____________________. 2. After hearing Indian tales about a great river that "lost itself in the great sea," the Marquette French governor of Canada sent Father Jacques ____________________ and Louis find Joliet explore _________________ to _______________ and __________________ the river. Arkansas 3. They soon found the river that the Indians called the "________________________." Mexico 4. Although the river flowed south to ___________________, not west to China, Marquette and Joliet returned to Canada with a glowing description of both the trading strategic __________________ potential and the _____________________ importance of the river. European 5. _____________________ nations were just beginning to understand how large North control French America was, and the __________________ realized quickly that ________________ Mississippi trade of the ______________________ River would open up a vast ______________ area. river realization 6. Just as important was their ______________________ that the great ______________ expansion barrier could serve as a __________________ to block the western ____________________ English of the __________________ colonies from the Atlantic Coast. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 2 Page 1 of 5 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ mouth de La Salle 7. A French explorer, Sieur _____ ______________, reached the ________________ of settlement the Mississippi River on April 9, 1682, and established a _____________________ in this area. interior 8. This would give the French control over much of the _________________ of this great continent. 9. It soon became apparent to the governments of France, Spain, and England that the factor Mississippi _____________________ River would be an important _________________ in the enterprises success of their colonial _____________________. occupy three 10. Consequently, all _________________ nations attempted to _________________ and waterway control __________________ that lengthy ____________________. found French 11. One of the important sites ____________________ by the __________________ in port Orleans New the New World was ____________ __________________, a ______________ they established in 1718 near the mouth of the Mississippi River. 12. Up the river from New Orleans was another French river town ––– called Natchez __________________. capital 13. Fort Maurepas, on the east side of Biloxi Bay, served as the _________________ of Louisiana the __________________ ______________________ for a short time. Province desirable 14. Fort Maurepas did not prove to be a ____________________ capital for the Louisiana river Province because it was not located on a _________________ and did not provide fur access to the interiors where the French hoped to develop ___________ trading _________________ with the Indians. Fort Louis 15. In 1701, the capital was moved to ____________ _______________ on Mobile Bay. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 2 Page 2 of 5 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ Bienville 16. When the capital was moved __________________ was appointed governor ____________________ of the Louisiana Province. cornmerce trade 17. In order to make ________________ and ___________________ on the lower safe Mississippi River _____________ from Indian attacks, Bienville led a detachment of Natchez soldiers against the __________________ Indians for killing some Canadian traders. negotiated 18. Bienville eventually _____________________ a settlement with the Natchez chiefs. guilty 19. They agreed not only to surrender the _________________ tribesmen but also to material provide building _____________________ for a fort on the high bluffs at the Natchez landing. major Rosalie 20. In 1716, Fort ________________ was completed and became one of the ___________ centers of French activity in the Louisiana Province. New Orleans 21. _________ __________________ was selected as the capital in 1722. 22. When the capital was moved from the Gulf Coast to New Orleans, the Louisiana nine Province was separated into _____________ districts. 23. Three of those subdivisions ––– Biloxi, Yazoo, and Natchez Districts ––– were in the state territory that later became the ______________ of Mississippi. 24. When the French landowners moved to Louisiana from the Caribbean Islands, they slaves brought their _________________ with them. increased 25. As the slave population ____________________, Bienville found it necessary to laws introduce special ____________ regarding the institution of ________________. slavery Code Noir 26. Those laws, known as the ____________ _____________ (which is French for "Black Code"), were issued in 1724. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 2 Page 3 of 5 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ seperation 27. These laws prohibited the ___________________ of husbands and wives; children _________________ under fourteen years old could not be separated from their freed mothers; and, slaves who were _______________ by their owners became naturalized citizens French __________________ with all the rights and privileges of Frenchmen. land ownership 28. When the French claimed the right of private ___________ ___________________ Natchez and established large plantations, the _______________ [Indians] were determined to drive ____________ them from their tribal lands. 29. In the 1740s, the French were also facing a new __________________ from the challenge English westward _________________, who were moving ____________________ and pressing their Atlantic claim to land between the __________________ Ocean and the Mississippi ___________________ River. same claims 30. The overlapping ______________ to the ____________ territory would inevitably lead nations war to ___________ among the three great ________________ of Europe. empire 31. The three-way struggle for a colonial ________________ in North America culminated Indian French in the _______________ and ________________ War of 1754 - 1763. Indian Spain 32. France and ________________, with their _________________ allies, declared war England against _________________, which also had some allies among American Indians. Treaty Paris 33. The war was settled by the _________________ of _______________ of 1763. ceded 34. Under the terms of this treaty, France ______________ all of its land in North America England east of the Mississippi River to _________________. Spain west 35. To _______________, its ally during the war, France gave all of its land ____________ of the Mississippi. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 2 Page 4 of 5 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ east 36. The only French territory _________ of the Mississippi River that was not ceded to gave England was the city ofNew _________ __________________, which France __________ Orleans to Spain. lost 37. Because Spain _____________ the war, Spanish Florida was transferred to England, Mississippi and _____________________ [present state] passed from French to English ______________ control. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 2 Page 5 of 5 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ GUIDED READING A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3: The European Period, 1540 - 1798 Section 3 Directions: Under British Rule, 1763 - 1783 Use the information from pages 82 - 86 to complete the following. problems 1. English officials soon realized that there would be many ________________ in trying to gorvern ________________ the vast territory they had recently acquired as a result of the Treaty of Paris of 1763. 2. As land-hungry Englishmen pushed into the interior after the French and Indian War, Native they encountered strong ______________________ from the _______________ resistance Americans. agreement 3. In order to have more time to work out an ___________________ with the major Indian _________________ nations, the English government issued the prohibited Proclamation __________________ of 1763, which temporarily ______________________ territory immigration into the ____________________ between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. restriction 4. The ____________________ was a temporary measure designed to keep the Native white _________________ Americans and the _______________ settlers from fighting __________________ over the land. English divided 5. In 1763, the __________________ government also ______________ the former two colonies Spanish Florida into ___________ British _________________ ––– British West Florida and British East Florida. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 3 Page 1 of 4 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ Indian British 6. In 1765, the ____________________ held an __________________ Congress at Mobile, which was attended by Indian ________________ from throughout the leaders Southeast. confrerence purpose 7. The __________________ of this ______________________ was to reach an agreement white __________________ by which the ________________ settlers and peace Native ________________ Americans might live in _______________. pledges 8. Out of this conference came _________________ of _____________________ and friendship peace. not officals to 9. British __________________ also promised Indian leaders _________ _____ sell firewater _____________ whiskey, which they called ____________________, to their tribesmen. important 10. The most _____________________ result of this meeting was that several Indian ceded _________________ nations _____________ large areas of their land to the British __________________. 11. As the population of British West Florida increased, the colony was divided into four _____________ districts. Natchez 12. One of those was the ________________ District, which included the area from the cofluence _____________________ (flowing together) of the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers. tobacco 13. Although _________________ was the principal crop in the district, settlers also grew indigo cotton, corn, and _________________ (a plant from which blue dye could be obtained). A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 3 Page 2 of 4 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ 1776 Date __________________ colonies thirteen 14. In _____________, when the _________________ American __________________ England declared their ____________________ independence from __________________, the Natchez District remained loyal to the British. former 15. Most of the prominent citizens of Natchez were ______________ British soldiers, and not support Revolution they did ___________ _____________ the American __________________. location Mississippi 16. Because of its strategic _________________ on the ___________________ River, American important Natchez was very ___________________ to the ___________________ colonies. spanish 17. The __________________ government, which controlled New Orleans and supported sending colonies __________________ the American _________________, was ________________ Americans arms and supplies up the Mississippi River to the _____________________. 18. The citizens [former British soldiers] of Natchez could and sometimes did prevent ________________ those __________________ from passing through Natchez. shipments Continental Congress 19. The ______________________ ___________________ (the delegates who spoke and acted collectively for the colonies that later became the United States of America) sent Willing a former Natchez resident, James _________________, on an expedition down the Mississippi River to Natchez and New Orleans. mission purpose 20. The ________________ of his ___________________ was to join encourage___________________ Natchez citizens to _____________ the American cause. not persuade 21. If they would ____________ join the rebellion, Willing was to __________________ neutral interfere them to remain ________________ and not _________________ with supplies being shipped up the Mississippi to the American colonies. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 3 Page 3 of 4 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ 22. When Willing arrived at Natchez on February 21, 1778, he was greeted cordially, but he Loyalists found that many Natchez residents were ___________________ (colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain). Americian Revolution 23. The _____________________ ______________________, which kept England busy Spanish vunerable on the Atlantic coast, made her ___________________ to a ________________ attack along the Gulf Coast and in Florida. regain 24. Seeing the situation as an opportunity to _______________ Florida, Spain declare spain _______________ war on Great Britain. Within two years, _______________ had reoccupied most of _______________. Florida Treaty 25. Under the provisions of the _________________ of Paris of 1783, the thirteen independent colonies were recognized as an ____________________ nation called the United States of America ______________ ________________ ____ __________________. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 3 Page 4 of 4 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ GUIDED READING A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3: The European Period, 1540 - 1798 Section 4 Directions: A Spanish Province, 1783 - 1798 Use the information from pages 87 - 89 to complete the following. spanish 1. Under ____________________ control, the Natchez District experienced continued growth prosperity _________________ and _____________________. land grants 2. Spain's liberal ____________ _________________ attracted many settlers to the Natchez area. jews cathlolic 3. Although Spain was a ____________________ nation, both ____________ and protestants ________________ were guaranteed ____________________ freedom by the Jews Spanish government. 4. The migration of English and Americans into the Natchez District was so rapid that by majority pop 1787, a _____________________ of the district's ____________________ spoke english _________________ rather than Spanish. appointed governor 5. In 1789, Manuel Gayoso de Lamos was ___________________ __________________ of the Natchez District. wisley ruled 6. Gayoso ________________ the district __________________ and had the respect __________________ and cooperation of most of its citizens. dilaidated 7. Fort Rosalie, originally built in 1716, was _______________________ (falling apart) and in need of repair when Gayoso came to Natchez. forts 8. Instead of repairing Fort Rosalie, Gayoso decided to build several new ____________. spain control 9. These forts gave _________________ effective __________________ over the lower Mississippi river ________________________ ______________ and its tributaries. A Place Called Mississippi Chapter 3 -­‐ 4 Page 1 of 3 Name ______________________ Class ____________________ Date __________________ important cotton 10. As the ____________________ culture became increasingly ____________________ economy to the Natchez ____________________, Spanish authorities encouraged settlers to slaves bring ________________ their __________________ into the Natchez District by offering land gmats additional _______________ ________________ to slave owners. slave revolt 11. In 1795, rumors about a possible _________________ _________________ circulated throughout the Natchez District. mobilized militia 12. The ___________________ (a force of citizen-soldiers) was ____________________, arrested and Spanish authorities ______________________ a group of slaves at Pointe leaders Coupee, Louisiana, who were believed to be the ________________ of the revolt. whites 13. Southern _______________ lived in a constant state of fear ______________ of a massive slave uprising _______________ ____________________ until the system of ____________...
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