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What Computer Can I Use? You can access Stata through Socrates using just about any computer with an internet Connection. Starting this semester, Socrates server is only available ON CAMPUS using SSH software. The following directions were tested on a PC. Small variations may exist for Macs. How Do I Access Socrates? In order to use Stata you will need to login to the Socrates server. You can do this in several ways, all of which require a connection to the Internet. 1. SSH: Launch SSH Secure Shell and connect to Socrates from there. This is the recommended method. SSH software is available for free from for Cal students. If you are using a Cal computer which does not already have the software installed you probably will not have the necessary permissions to install the software. In this case, use Telnet. 2. Telnet: Type telnet: in your Internet browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) address line and hit Enter . This is the most widely available method and should be used if SSH software is not available. 3. Exceed : Exceed is more difficult to set-up and will be infeasible if you are using a dial-up connection to the Internet. You should only use Exceed if you already have it set-up. How Do I Access My Account? Once you open Telnet or SSH secure shell you need to login to your Socrates account. You will receive a login name and password from your Professor or GSI in section. You will use this password the first time you login to your account. If you agree to the conditions of use, you will be instructed to establish a new password. Follow the directions and continue to hit Enter . Ultimately, you should end up at the command line “socrates%” with a block cursor (the shell prompt). At the shell prompt you can execute UNIX commands. Note: If you are using one of the computers in Wheeler 212, you will need to first login to the computer using the generic Econ 140 class login and password. This login and password just grants you access to the computer itself. (Every student in the class uses this same login and password.) Once on the computer, you have to use your Socrates login and password to access your Socrates account. Wheeler 212 Login:
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Using_Stata_on_the_Socrates_Server - USING STATA ON THE...

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