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Stata Cheat Sheet 0. If you are using a computer in Wheeler 212, use the generic Econ 142 username and password to login. The username and password are in the "Using Stata on the Socrates Server.doc" document that is posted on Bspace. 1. Write a program a. Open up Notepad b. Write Code c. Save as ps1.do on desktop. i. Note that if you are using a computer in the lab, after you log out your work will be lost. 2. Login to Socrates a. START MENU—All programs—Networking—Secure Shell Client b. The host is "socrates" if you are on a computer in one of the Berkeley labs. (Or "socrates.berkeley.edu" if you are logging in from home.) c. (If you haven't already done so, change your password from the one I gave you to a personal one.) 3. Login to Secure File Transfer Client a. All programs—Networking—Secure File Transfer Client b. The host is "socrates" if you are on a computer in one of the Berkeley labs or "socrates.berkeley.edu" if you are logging in from home. c. Drag and drop the data file (data4.dta) there
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Unformatted text preview: d. Drag and drop ps1.do there. It will show up as ps1.do.txt. e. Leave the Transfer Window open 4. Go back to Socrates a. Execute the do file: i. socrates% stata –b do ps1.do.txt ii. socrates% ls 1. The ls command lists all the files in your current directory. You will see that ps1.log (the log file with all of your Stata results) will show up. 5. Go to Transfer Client a. You will see ps1.log on right hand side. Drag it to left hand side: Desktop b. At that point, it just shows up as ps1 c. Open ps1 in MS Word d. Look at it 6. Graphs a. Go back to Socrates and make a pdf file of your graph i. socrates% /usr/local/stata/gphpen –dps –n graph1.gph ii. socrates% ps2pdf graph1.ps graph1.pdf b. Go back to Transfer Client i. Pick up pdf file and transfer it to desktop ii. View and print 7. Logout of Secure Shell by typing exit at the socrates% prompt. 8. Disconnect from Secure File Transfer by clicking the little computer with the red slash through it....
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