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Unformatted text preview: Math 471, Section 002 Coverage for Midterm 1 The first midterm will be administered from 6--8 pm on Wednesday, October 17 in East Hall 1084. You may use both sides of an 8.5" by 11" piece of paper for notes, but calculators are not allowed. Here is a list of the sections from Bradie that will be covered on the first midterm: Chapter 1.1--1.4. Rate and order of convergence, Taylor series, floating-point number systems, floating-point arithmetic, cancellation errors Chapter 2.1--2.9. Rootfinding methods (bisection, false position, fixed-point iterations, Newtons method, secant method), convergence of fixed-point iterations, convergence of Newtons method for multiple roots, Aitkens 2 -method, Laguerres method Chapter 3.0--3.5. Linear algebra basics, Gaussian elimination, pivoting, LU and P LU decomposition, vector and matrix norms, condition numbers Appendix A. Important theorems from calculus. Homework assignments 15. 1 ...
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